Nokia N96 White Blue Blank Screen Display Problem Solution

If ever tried to fix or repair Nokia N96 display problem issues and already tried installed or replacing a new LCD screen module and a Flex cable wire but somehow the problem still exists.
This solution can be used as a guide to repair a damaged Nokia N96 LCD screen display problems such as white screen, blue screen, blank screen, garbled, saturated or corrupted LCD screen displays.

The solution below shows the connection line paths of the LCD flex pin connector including the display filter IC's, which is very useful for deep hardware troubleshooting especially when the Nokia N96 device suffered wet or water damaged and then a display problem occurred.

 Nokia N96 LCD Display Problem Repair  Solution
nokia n96 display IC jumper ways tracks

After ensuring that the problem is not lies on the LCD Screen Module and Flex Cable Wire or already tried to replace this spares, you may then suspect that the problem lies on the two EMI-ESD display filter chips.

This two ESD-EMI filter will easily breakdown or might get damaged and then cut off the display signal data if a short circuit happens or an excessive Electrostatic discharge and Electromagnetic interference occurred.
If either only one display data signal line paths is being cut or open this will result to display problems.
Trace each line paths and by replacing the display filter IC might only possibly fix the problem.

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