Nokia 3500c Hands Free, Ringer Speaker No Audio Sound Solution

Here's the solution for NOkia 3500 classic No Hand Free Speaker sound can be heard repair solution. If you ever tried checking and ensuring that loud speaker seem working but still there is no audio sound can be heard on the device when hands free is activated. This solution shows particular PCB board components that may possibly faulty or damaged and cause the Nokia 3500 not have an audio sound output over the speaker.

Nokia 3500c Hands Free & Ringer Speaker No Sound Solution

Ensure the speaker is working, replace if the sound is distorted.
Check the connected filter coils on the circuit, replace if found damaged.
Trace the line paths, mend a jumper wire if found open circuit.
If the line paths and the filter coils are okay, rework the audio IC (RETU). Replace if does not solved the problem.
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