Nokia N96 ON OFF Power Switch Jumper Ways If the PCB solder terminal pads is lifted solution

Here's the jumper solution that can be used to fix a damaged Nokia N96 power ON OFF switch especially when the PCB solder terminal pads is already been lifted or damaged.
The solution below shows the alternative way where to established a jumper wire and revive the power switch line paths.

Nokia N96 Power ON OFF Switch Jumper Solution
nokia n96 power switch jumper ways

If the Power Switch PCB solder terminal pads if already lifted including the two resistors and nothing left on  the PCB board where you can apply a solder;
You can still find a way to revive the power switch and fix the Nokia N96. Find a way to retain the power switch position, you can used a dry bond to hold and strengthen the power switch  where it is originally mounted.

You may then remove the power IC (AVILMA) and then locate the solder ball bumps where the power switch line paths is connected. Managed to put and apply the tiniest jumper wire you have, then in-placed back the power IC.

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