Nokia X3 Earpiece Speaker No sounds can be heard solutions

Here's a solution for nokia X3 Earpiece Speaker No sounds output can be heard, If you ever struggling to fix or repair this kind of problem and you already replace the earpiece speaker and the flex cable wire but the problem still exists. This solution may help and possibly fix the problem occurred.
 The solution shows below the components that may need to check and replace if found damaged. This components is composed of filter coils a fusible resistor with 0 ohms resistance values.

Nokia X3 Earpice Speaker Sounds failure problem solution
nokia x3 earpiece speaker jumper ways tracks
Repair tips: After ensuring that the earpiece speaker is working okay and the flex cable also perfectly fine or having it replaced with a new one but the problem still unsolved. You may check the components indicated on the solution picture above, first check the two resistors, these resistors has 0 ohms value. next check also the filter coils if open and also the capacitors and ESD filter resistor id shorted or not. Check also the line tracks of each corresponding Pins from the flex pin connector. It is connected  to pin 17 and 18 as marked also in the solution above.
If ever found a damaged, open or shorted components, replace it at once then try to reassemble back the device and have a test.

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