Nokia N97 Earpiece Speaker No Sounds Can Be Heard Repair Solution

Here's the solution for Nokia N97 Earpiece Speaker No audio sound can be heard over it from a caller.
This solution may only works and can be applied after ensuring that the Earpiece Speaker and the Flex cable wire is working okay or already replaced but seems nothing happen and the problem still exists.

This solution below shows the line tracks of the earpiece speaker connection to certain components that needs to be check for further earpiece speaker repair on Nokia N97.

Nokia N97 Earpiece Speaker No Sound Repair Solution
nokia N97 earpiece speaker jumper ways tracks
 If the speaker and the flex cable is already checked or been replaced but does not solved the problem you may then check the corresponding components shown on the solution above.
There is a Filter Coil and an ESD Protector chips is used in the circuit, you may start to check on that spots. You may also trace the line paths from the Flex Pin connector through to the said components.

If those components seems working well or already tried by replacing them,You may then try to re-flow or reheat the Power and Audio IC or Reworking it might possibly solved the problem..

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