Nokia 5320 xpressmusic No network Signal problem - hardware repair solution

Here's the solution that may possibly help fix and repair nokia 5320 xpressmusic No network signal problem issues. Before you may proceed to use this solution, ensure that the device firmware is okay, restored and already flashed and or updated. This solution may only works if the device suffered a water damaged or heavily dropped by the user.

Repair Hints:

Check the battery voltage across to the components highlighted on the solution below. These are filter coils and you need to have a voltage reading in this components about 3.7 volts., It is connected directly to the battery positive terminal. Replaced filter coils if found damaged, apply a jumper wire if found the supply voltage line is open or cut.

5320 No network problem solution 1- RF Supply Voltage

Check the  voltages in these components highlighted in  below solution, these are the output voltages from the voltage regulator chips that supplies to the RF IC and RF Power Amplifier chip. If there is no voltage readings in these components, check and replace the corresponding Voltage regulator chip.

5320 No network problem solution 2- RF regulated supply voltages

1)Rework or replace the Power amplifier PA IC,
2) Replace the Voltage controlled crystal clock oscillator
3) Rework the RF IC or replace if necessary

Hope this helps solved to fix or repair a damaged Nokia 5320 No network problem issues.

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