Nokia 5220XM Ringer, Hands Free Loud Speaker No Sound Solution

Here's the solution for Nokia 5220 Xpressmusic Ringer and Integrated Hands Free (IHF) Speaker that No sounds output can be heard on it.
If ever encountered this problem, you need to check the earpiece speaker first if it already busted or damaged.
If the speaker is working okay but still there is no audio sound output can be heard when being activated, you may use this solution below to trace the line paths and check particular components on Nokia 5220 PCB board that holds the IHF speaker circuit. This solution covered for left and right channel speakers connection.

Nokia 5220 Xpressmusic Ringer and Hands Free Speaker No Sound Repair Solution
nokia 5220 ringer hands free Speaker ways tracks
The IHF speaker left and right audio signal is feed from the power and audio IC (AVILMA) then filtered by a non polar capacitors before it feeds to the audio amplifier IC. The audio amplifier chip is the one that boosts or amplify the audio signals to make it sounds louder and better.
The boosted or amplified audio signal is then feeds across to a filter coils, bypass capacitors and an ESD protection resistors before it get through to the IHF Speakers.

 Hints for Troubleshooting:
a) check the earpiece speaker first by using a multimeter.
b) clean the speaker terminals and contact pads.
c) check or replace the filter capacitors, filter coils and resistors if found damaged.
d) check the corresponding line paths of each corresponding connections
e) if all line paths and components is okay: Rework  the audio amplifier IC or replace if it doesn't work.
f) If all of the above is already been done but does not solved the problem, You may then proceed to rework the audio IC.Trace the line paths to each corresponding solder ball bumps that holds for the IHF audio signals before in-placing it back.

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