Nokia 5130 Headset in Activated Mode even the headset is not Plugin-in solution

This is the solution for a wet damaged Nokia 5130 that the headset enhancement mode activated even the headset device is no being plug-in.
If you ever encounter this problem like a wet damaged nokia 5130 this is cause by a faulty headset's detection circuit. This trouble occurred if the components showed on the solution below were damaged or caused by oxidation and molds build up.

Nokia 5130 Headset Activated Mode Problem Solution
nokia solution headset activated mode

The highlighted components showed on the solution above which is hold for headset detection, this circuit works as to tell the application processor when the headset device is being plug-in. Now if this said components went wrong and become damaged, this will cause also the device to activate the headset even  without the headset being connected or plug-in. I was once encounter this problem, I just replace all of the components showed on the solution above for which I found out that oxidation has been building up on that components and then the Nokia 5130 always shows in headset activated mode situation .

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