Nokia 2710NE Memory Card Solution - MicroSD Card not detected problem repair solution

When the MicroSD card inserted on the device and nothing happens but it displays "memory card not inserted" something like that, this solution may help fix and repair the problem if the Nokia 2710 navigation edition has been damaged by any means like wet damaged or accidentally dropped.

The solution below shows the particular SMD components that needs to check, trace and replace to possibly fix the problem.

Nokia 2710ne MicroSD memory card problem solution
Nokia 2710ne MicroSD memory card IC jumper ways
Repair tips:
1. Check the MMC card detection switch first, you can read a voltage on that area about 1.8 volts if unpressed and 0 volts if pressed.
2. Check and trace the MMC supply voltage it is marked with VSIOD and connected to MMC socket pin #4 then the pin #6 for groundings.
3. If both MMC power supply voltage and MMC detection switch is okay, the problem may lies on the ESD-EMI filter chip. Replace the ESD filter if necessarily.

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