Infinity Box Nokia BEST v1.78 released Download Now Many Phone supported

Infinity-Box Nokia [BEST] v1.78 released

USB flashing improved
MTKx: flashing improved, New Drivers supported, BL detection improved
MTKx: flash Loaders updated
XG223: flash Loaders updated
XG213: flashing revised
Service operations improved
MTKx: improved Security backup
MTKx: improved RPL (Security) restore: RPL <> BBID verify
MTKx: improved operations in service mode
MTKx: improved "Full Label" (RM-945 support)
WP8x: service mode operations improved
Navi Manager updated
Stability improvements
Fixed download issues for some firmware
eMMC content files detection revised
Navi Database updated
Included all latest Asha, WP8x, MTKx firmwares
Included "Lumia Black" (GDR3) update for some WP8x models: Lumia 1020, Lumia 1520
New Products included :
XG: RM-922 Asha 503(DS) (DoubleShot)
XG: RM-958 Asha 503(DS) (DoubleShot)
XG: RM-934 Asha 500(DS) (QIMING)
WP: RM-939 Lumia 1520 (BANDIT HSPA)
WP: RM-940 Lumia 1520 (BANDIT ATT)
WP: RM-997 Lumia 525 (GLEE China)
WP: RM-998 Lumia 525 (GLEE)

User Data operations improved
Released MMC password extraction from full flash for S^3 phones (Anna, Belle, S3)
Released MMC password extraction from XG213 during read RPL or read rlash
Improved Notes/Calendar extraction for S40: BB5/XGold phones
Improved SMS extraction for S40: BB5/XGold phones
xCntTool updated
  Released XG223 "QIMING" Project support (Asha 500) (Unpack)
Improved XG618 support (Asha NGS40) (Unpack/Repack)
  Added "MeeGo" tab
Patch Modem : Allow make "patched" FW for fix some CMT errors
Fix "MTC_NOT_READY" and "HW_BREAK" errors (CMT DG fault)
Allow to make "normalized" FW for Chinese N9 version (PR_003)
Remove Version SW: allow remove "certificate" blocks for make force flashing
NOTE: use Remove only if you know what you are doing !
Supported products : RM-696 (N9)

Fixed Manual FileSelect for some models (Old BB5 , Asha NG)
Fixed product path issues
Stuff Files updated
New MTKx drivers uploaded on support area: WinUSB x64/x86
New MTKx Flash drivers uploaded on support area: Serial NMP x64/x86
Ini updated and revised
Minor bugs fixed

Official download link:  

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