Nokia X2-02 Keypad Not Working Problem Solution Jumper Ways

Nokia X2-02 keypad is not working, A few keys of Nokia X2-02 are not working, Keypad Hang and dubble values when press a single time. Or un proper keypad functions.Nokia Asha 203 Touch Screen Solution Jumpers Problem Ways
Nokia X2-02 Keypad Not Working Problem Solution Jumper Ways
In all above cases and problem we can follow this post to solve Nokia X2-02 keypad problem in a few steps. If you press a single key and some other keys are also working it can be cause of water damages and rus, carbon. If you press keys and they do not reflect any process it can be problem of missing push button, missing components, burn parts.
After disassambly of Nokia X2-02 look at the motherboard for rust carbon or burren parts. If you found some rust or carbon apply electronics cleaner on the mother board and apply hot air to make it dry proper.
Applying too much heat can damage the mother board and parts.It also can be harm for your skin.So keep in mind about normal heat flow when making it dry.
In above diagram you can see some different color lines all these differentc color inner and outer keys have same value according to the color schame. So if a single key is not working we can check its inner and outer value with meter and apply jumper from the other one which is working in normal condition.

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